Attic Conversion FAQs


Do i need planning?

No , most attic conversions in Dublin are of the same type of construction requiring no planning. They are exempt from planning permission because the ceilings are not high enough to qualify as “Livable Space. However, if you wish to erect a dormer window, see our Dormer information.




So is my new space considered as a new room of my house?

With few exceptions, attic conversions are carried out as “non habitable storage rooms”. In reality, however, they are used as offices, studies, games or computer rooms, and emergency guest bedrooms.




Can I sell my three bed as a four?

If you offer your house for sale on Daft. You simply state that the attic has been converted. Buyers will recognise the value of the extra space and it won’t matter to them that you can’t officially call it a bedroom. However, structural alterations might need an architect’s “certificate of compliance”. This certifies that the work has been carried out in accordance with the new building regulations.But this situation is rare.




I have a feeling my attic is too small,what can i do?

If you can stand up in the centre with three foot to spare you're good. If not, we will hep you with that decision, engage with our architect, get plans drawn up and submit them to your local authority for planning approval. Then complete the job as normal.




Is a Dormer Extension worth while?

Yes! they are, for a full size "adult" bedroom. This is where you get most of the value for money. Take into account its use. If its use is just an occasional over stay, then "No" its not worth the money. If its just for kids moving up there they should be out of the house by the time they are tall to hit the ceiling 🙂




What size will the room be?

Probably the biggest room in the house. Even in the smallest of houses. Measure the distance from gable to the side of your house. Now measure the distance from front to back and divide in half that is the width of your available space. Then multiply that for your area.





Attic conversion



What about insulation, will it be warm up there?

Yes, most modern attic conversions are fitted with 100mm KingSpan board and this traps the rising heat in the roof space. We would also fit sound proofing insulation in the floor space.




How long does it take?

A proper attic conversion will take about two weeks/twelve working days. An en-suite or dormer window will extend this time by four or five days.




How much does it cost?

Send us an email or "WhatsApp" directly with images and a description of your house and we will give you an approximate price. An onsite visit is required to produce an exact price.




What about water tanks and electricity?

The re-location and/or replacing of water tanks is all part of the job. Lighting and plug sockets, T.V. and phone connections can also be fitted where required.




How many rooms can I have?

One big one, is the best option,unless your house is a bungalow or a large four/five bedroom two story. If so send in the measurements for a quote.




Can I put a bathroom up there?

Yes,there is a few things to check though. What is the water pressure like? If its low,it could cause issues. We can advice you on that. Also how much space do you have. This needs to be considered also.




How do I know if I have a Trussed Roof? What is a trussed roof?

Trussed roofs were introduced in the late sixties. They are simply a cheaper way of building roofs. Builders buy a set of prefabricated triangular frames, with a “W” insert, these are lifted onto the new house and a roof is built in a few hours, instead of a few days as had been the case. If you have “W” framework and buy the square metal plates at each join of the timbers, there’s no problem converting a trussed roof provided you have two concrete block walls opposite each other in the attic (also known as an apex).




Does it change my house insurance?

Any work you carry out that increases the value of your home, (extension, porch, sun room, conservatory, attic conversion etc.) must be notified to your insurance company BEFORE work starts. Otherwise they can refuse a claim for any damage to that part of the property.




Garden room or attic conversion which is best?

They probably cost roughly the same. It all depends on if you want the extra space separate from the house or a connected. An attic conversion is making better use of wasted space within the house. Garden rooms are also great,I have a Garden room 🙂




Can we live in the house while the work is going on?

Yes. It's very rarely necessary to move out. Only if there's a very young child in the house . We then advice to try be absent during the day.